PETKUS writes history

Understanding the value of seed and grain processing as well as the challenges behind these comprehensive process chains led to the birth of “Strong Seed, Healthy Grain” as an operating philosophy. Today as in the past: Our daily business is dedicated to technology for and around seed/grain and food/feed.


PETKUS founder Christian Friedrich Röber started with manufacturing agricultural machinery.


Röber constructed the world’s first seed cleaner for Ferdinand von Lochow III of the Petkus Manor in Brandenburg. Von Lochow and his specially cleaned and exceptionally strong rye went on to become legend - and the company’s name was born: PETKUS.


The sons Carl and Rudolf Röber took over their father’s business and focused on seed cleaning technologies. They registered countless patents worldwide, some of which still represent key technologies at PETKUS to this day. A dynamic growth rate started.


First sales to Russia started. Hundreds of thousands of machines were delivered to Russia and the neighboring countries in the following decades.


Awarding honorary degrees and gold medals for PETKUS technology in Germany, Russia, Great Britain, France, Austria and Hungary in the following decades.


New, bigger and most modern factory building was built. Due to taking EH&S aspects into account, the company was awarded with an honorary certificate from the board of trade of the Grand Duchy of Saxony.


The annual revenue was more than 5.000 machines, exported to over 30 different countries.


PETKUS had 200 employees.

PETKUS technologies proved to be so unique and exceptional that the company managed to survive difficult times and political chaos – from the expropriation following the Second World War to the privatization following the reunification of Germany.


Transformed into the nationally owned enterprise “LBH Landmaschinenfabrik Wutha” in East Germany.


Spin-off of company RÖBER GmbH in West Germany led by Albert Scholze and Paul Röber.


East Germany: Renaming and restructuring into VEB PETKUS Landmaschinenwerk Wutha/Thüringen.


West Germany: Strong internationalization of RÖBER GmbH to Asia and Africa led by Dieter Scholze.


East Germany: Integration into the “Kombinat Fortschritt”



Mark Scholze and Luca Celeghini decided to carry on the tradition of the international company's prosperous formative decades by reuniting RÖBER with PETKUS. The company is located in Wutha-Farnroda.


To honour the PETKUS founder, the ROEBER Institute as Innovation Center (R&D) was established.


Over 350 employees with sales, service and engineering hubs in 23 countries. The company has installed over 200.000 cleaning machines and 2.000 complete seed-lines in the past 40 years. Double-digit average growth rate of the PETKUS-Group in the last 10 years demonstrates the trust that customers place in competence and proficiency.

Expertise, but moreover experience is the genuine capital of PETKUS.
Expertise is a matter of integrity, loyalty and continuity.