Grain Technology

Healthy Grain through quality monitoring

In modern grain technology, our focus is on “Healthy Grain”. To reach this target not only are technologically “best in class” products needed, but also a quality monitoring to maximize the automation level of the total process chain. For this, PETKUS uses the optical competence of the Röber R&D unit, the machine automation of the Group’s product engineering division and the process automation of the process control division. The cooperation of these technology competencies is vital to enabling the evermore important traceability of seed and grain within the conditioning and processing chain.

Careful and precise preparation, processing and handling

What ends up on the plate as the basis of a healthy and balanced diet must be carefully handled, prepared and processed with technical precision. Products such as flour, bran, semolina and coarse meal provide the basis for various bread and bakery products and are important for many other foods such as pizza, pasta, sauces and soups, confectionery, ready meals and baby food. Annually, approximately 300 million tonnes of flour are produced for daily baking and pasta production in thousands of mills. In Germany alone, approximately 7 million tonnes from nearly 300 mills are produced each year.