Port Handling

Agricultural products rank seventh in terms of tonnage levels in maritime transport. Their percentage of total seaward trading is only in the single-digit range. However, the global importance of grain port handling is immense as it directly relates to food safety and food quality. Dependent upon port handling are technology issues such as handling of mass-produced goods, logistics, interior transport, protection against foreign invasive species, biodiversity, and quality assurance. A silo system alone is still not complete port handling.

Appropriate technologies are essential because port silo systems are about optimization of processes, efficient loading and unloading and mastering economics and tight time schedules. It is about solid logistical transport concepts which allow for an efficient loading and unloading as well as variable loading options that prevent congestion; optimal layout plans, reducing the time of conveying goods through appropriate handling, the flexibility to expand capacity, and the highest degree of mechanization.

PETKUS has a highly qualified engineering team as well as an extensive product portfolio in order to meet individual customer wishes and requirements. Included are technological consultations, project feasibility studies, assistance for construction and use approvals, statics calculations according to EUROCODE, building construction and civil engineering and steel construction. Also provided are electrical and utility planning, project development, tendering, procurement, project management, installation and assembly of the silo systems, complete conveying technology including loading / unloading equipment, measuring and sensor technology as well as ventilation and engine houses. PETKUS develops innovative steel construction solutions and a large number of interesting technological storage solutions.