Oilseeds Processing

PETKUS is successively expanding its expertise in the area of oil extraction and refinery construction. The PETKUS Competence Center Balkan caused a stir when it brought an in-house development – the Rotary Husker for Sunflowers TS Evolution – to market. Borislav Umićević Head of the Department for oil extraction and refinery at PETKUS Balkans said: “Our knowledge base and the fact that we can design, coordinate and build, turnkey systems makes us very unique in the industry". Borislav and Marco Umićević belong to the few experts in the field, who not only have a complete understanding of the entire process chain, from cultivation to processing and oil refinery but who can also lay the foundations for technological innovations.

Before oil can be obtained, the seeds or fruits must be pressed and the oil extracted. With the appropriate technology, oil can be extracted much more efficiently and profitably. If Sunflowers, for example, are husked before pressing the pressing capacity increases by approximately 20%. The overall protein content of dehulled sunflower seeds increases, the quality of raw oil rises due to a lower proportion of waxes and phosphatides, machine wear decreases, the husks are used as bio-energy sources and electricity and heating energy can be saved

When husking technology is more efficient, less oil remains in the husks, which significantly improves the oil yield. In addition, if 10-15 % of the husks remain and go into the presses the oil yield is reduced as unwanted components must then be extracted from the oil. An improved husking technology increases the oil yield, increases the quality of oil and reduces process costs. Many huskers that are on the market break the seeds during husking. Broken grains and husk components must be sorted out in a second step of the process. The Rotary Husker TS Evolution husks and sorts seeds with a capacity of 5-6 t/h with a husking effectiveness of up to 90% in one step. The efficiency of oil extraction increases. Using an average EU plant capacity of 1000 t/day and an oil content from sunflowers of about 45%, the process technology can be improved by 0.5-1% leading to a daily increase in oil production of around 5-10 t.