Dry Milling

Wheat as the most important grain to bakery flours and bakery products have a long history and tradition to Human nutrition. Nevertheless bakery purposed wheat is a resource for many other innovative products in Food/Feed and Non-Food application.

The starch industry is a growing sector in Europe with different starches are produced mainly from potato, maize and wheat. In 2016 in the EU the production of starches was approx. 11 Mio t with approx. 60% for food and approx. 40% non-food-applications (VGMS Data). Native and modified starches as well as glucose derivates and gluten as by-product are used in many food products.

The production of wheat starches is mainly done in a wet separation process of wheat flour, whereby wheat flour has a different specification than all other bakery flours. The focus of the starch flour production lies especially in yielding the highest possible starch content in the flour.

Another aspect is to create a uniform granulation according to different requirements on the wet technology of different suppliers. After all, the content of remaining flour/starch in the bran should be as minimal as possible.

PETKUS has a long term experience to Grain Handling and Processing and created new competences in the Dry Milling process based on Roller Mill techniques.

Russia is an upcoming market for starches and creative products based on wheat. As one of world major wheat exporters, new governmental programs have been implemented to leverage the potential of Russian grain with new creative industrial projects.

The market volume of grain and potato based products such as starch has increased during the last years to approx. 2,3 Mio t/year, whereby wheat is the the major source with 84% (NEO 2019)

PETKUS provides modern solutions from grain intake all the way to the flourproduct and acts as a competent partner inside the biotechnological chain, adding value to grain and grain products.

Highly efficient Dry Milling Technology focus:

  • Highest flour and starch yield
  • High capacity operation (24/7)
  • Flour granulation profiles match wet process demands
  • Lowest degree of starch damage
  • Full utilization of by-products 
  • State of the art machines “Made in Germany/EU”
  • Complete Engineering + Turn Key solutions for Silo and Dry Mill Plants
  • Long time experiences and numerous references