Feed & Food

Worldwide compound feed production is approximately 950 million metric tons. Almost 440 million tons are used in the poultry industry, 240 tons for pigs and 200 tons for ruminants. The rest is divided among fish feed (40 million tons), dog and cat food (20 million tons) and horse feed (12 million tons). With 7% growth, the African continent is one of the fastest growing animal feed manufacturers in the world. Key topics in the industry are the increasing sensitivity of consumers and manufacturers alike regarding topics like animal husbandry, resource efficiency and "Carbon Food Print".

While in many parts of the world, low-cost and short life span plants are being built, longer term, sustainable investments can be found in many industrialized nations. Energy efficiency, resource efficiency, and emissions are topics that must be included in the modern compound feed plant. Plant builders do not just screw together steel sheets and fill the room with machines, instead, they design and conceptualize sustainable, complete plants well-conceived to the last detail.

PETKUS / MMW knows the details. The company has been specialized in the compound feed industry for years, not only in regards to machines and processing lines, but especially turnkey systems and integrated, individualized customer solutions. Thus PETKUS / MMW can also build animal-specific plants for hygienic poultry feed and structured crushing depending on animal type, as well as designing, building and commissioning turnkey "Green Field" investment projects/ plants