PETKUS Academy: „Transforming knowledge into skill“

Knowledge is something that we need not merely possess. It is something that needs to be channelled and used. That is why PETKUS founded the PETKUS Academy as a brain trust for collecting, documenting and processing internal and external knowledge to the benefit of the seed and grain processing industry. As Carl von Clausewitz once said: “knowledge must turn into ability.”

Intense discussions with seed and grain specialists around the world, countless years of experience within the PETKUS team as well as the archived history of PETKUS build an optimal foundation for creating a knowledge pool and continuously expanding it. The PETKUS Academy and the ROEBER Institute for Research and Development complement each other in their work and combine to form the powerful basis of PETKUS’ innovation driven strategy.

Key areas of responsibility for the Academy include: regular internal training sessions, establishing scientific networks as well as creating and maintaining a comprehensive PETKUS company library and knowledge database. In addition, the PETKUS Academy collaborates with major national and international universities and colleges in the so-called PRoF project (PETKUS Research of the Future). Applied research topics are awarded to preferred partners to foster knowledge growth for both parties. In addition, the PETKUS Academy Awards are annually presented along with a cheque for 500€ to students for outstanding theses alongside scholarships that are awarded to other high performers. The Academy also publishes its own (internal) series of articles and books on various topics such as seed processing and seed cleaning theory; the so-called “White Papers”. 

These efforts combine to ensure that the genuine knowledge within the PETKUS Group is not only available, but ready to be transformed into skill.